CEA Customer Responsibilities
Disconnection Policy
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Payment Extension
Payment arrangements are available for customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties; provided, however, payment arrangements must be requested prior to the cut-off date indicated on the monthly statement. Payment extensions cannot extend past the next billing cycle due date and must be paid by any agreed upon arrangement/extension date. The courtesy of payment arrangement/extension will be granted to customers on an as-needed basis, in the discretion of CEA, and so long as the arrangement is honored by the customer. Failure to honor any payment arrangement may result in the immediate disconnection of services and may preclude the customer from the benefit and the courtesy of a future arrangement/extension being granted.

Leak or Catastrophic Emergency
A once per calendar year billing adjustments may be requested by contacting our office at 270-773-2887 if the customer has experienced excessive usage outside of his or her normal range due to leaks, bathroom fixture malfunctions, pipe breakage, etc. Proof must be provided from a licensed plumber indicating that a failure has occurred and that repairs have or are being made. Bill adjustments are at the sole discretion of CEA, Inc. and must be approved by the CEO. CEA, Inc. is ONLY responsible for maintaining meters and the water and wastewater equipment beginning at tap location and extending outward towards the main line(s) directed away from a customerís privately owned lot. It is the customerís responsibility to contact a licensed plumber to investigate and correct any other issues that may be related to the plumbing and fixtures located on his or her property.

Meter Reading
CEA, Inc. meters are read electronically. A CEA, Inc. vehicle drives the meter route and obtains the reading without visiting the meter boxes. This technology allows for more accuracy and safety during the process of recording your usage. If excessive usage is noticed at the time the data is collected, a service technician will be dispatched to your home or business to troubleshoot and/or service the meter. If it is necessary to shut-off the water to avoid any further excessive usage or damage you will be notified if CEA, Inc. has a current, active telephone number on file for your account. Meters are the property of CEA, Inc. If a lock is put on your meter it MUST be removed by a CEA, Inc. service technician. Anyone who knowingly tampers with a CEA, Inc. owned meter is subject to have his or her meter removed completely enabling the use of water at that location.

Water and Wastewater Line Locating
If you or someone appointed by you, are planning to dig anywhere on your property, you are required by law to notify the proper authorities at least two business days prior to beginning work. This precaution allows the agency to locate and mark all lines in an effort to prevent the damage and service loss of underground utilities. CEA customers must call our office at 270-773-2887. Anyone who fails to request a line locate prior to digging may be responsible for all costs incurred should lines be damaged and require repair as a result of digging.